Providing Services for the Regional Center Since 1983


Howard Chudler and Associates, Inc. is an agency that specializes in providing behavior intervention and educational services to individuals with developmental disabilities. Most of our work is as a vendor with the California Regional Center through the Department of Developmental Services. Howard Chudler and Associates, Inc. was formed as an agency in 1983. Starting with the founder and director, Howard Chudler as the sole provider of service, we have grown to a moderate sized agency with a staff representing a wide variety of skills, specialties and backgrounds.

Howard Chudler and Associates, Inc. specializes in "on-site" interventions. This means the intervention can occur anywhere from the client's own home, training center, residential program,  to work site. Services provided by Howard Chudler and Associates, Inc. are authorized and funded through the client's local regional center, insurance company or other entity. Most services are highly focused on specific target behaviors. This is not an intensive ABA program.